The yubutils project is a grouped project that houses three main downloads.
1. yubController - a GUI front end for yubnub that works on Windows, Linux and OS X. It may also work on other POSIX systems such as FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, Solaris, etc..
2. yncs - a text interface for yubnub and pipe developers (included in the yublib downloads). It works with the same platforms as yubConroller.
3. yublib - the core of yubutils front ends. Python library to interface with yubnub. It is ment for developers who wish to interface with yubnub in their own applications.

About The Author

yubutils is written by Steve Milner. If you would like to get incontact please send an email to sourceforge [at] gnulinux d0t N3t. If you find the application/library to be useful please consider donating. The project is done in Steve's free time.

Steve's (Developer's) Blog

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